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October 10, 2009

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Polyvore set i am finishing


Yo Gabba Gabba set October 9, 2009

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New Mission January 27, 2008

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There is a new mission “Questions For A Crab”!
1. Talk to G! Say the first answer!
2.Go after the crab! Go into the PSA HQ!
3. Turn until you see the super cool door into the Sport Shop! Go through the door!
4.Turn until you see the crab again! Go the the Entrance/Exit door in the Sport Shop!
5.Talk to the penguin! Go up the Ski Mountain!
6.Follow the crab!
7. Turn until you find the crab! Go down the same path he did!
8. Find him and follow him again!
9.Go to the cave!
10.From the cave go to your left!
11.Then go to your right!
12.Go to your far left!
13.There will be a bag of “O Berries”! Go to the tool section of your spy phone and choose the scissors, cut the rope!
14.Pick up the bag and put it in your inventory!
15.Go back to the black puffle and feed it an “O Berry”!
16.Go back to the cave and throw an “O Berry” through the pet door!
17.Go into the cave! You will get caught just wait for the bear to stop talking! Just answer his stuff!
18.Go to your right! Put an O Berry on the reddish brown bar sticking out to the side!
19.Put an O Berry on the upward side of the slanted thing pouring water!
20. Put another O Berry on the hanging platform!
21.Go to the way left until you see some hot sauce! Take the hot sauce into your inventory!
22. Take the plans hanging on the wall over the hot sauce!
23.Go a little more to the right and pick up the rope on the wood!
24.Take the anchor!
25.Go to the left to the door!
26.Open the door the snow will block it don’t orry easy fix!
27.Drag and drop an O Berry on the hot sauce and put it on the snow block!
28.Go out the hole!
29.Go to the pathway to your right!
30.Go down the pathway to your left!
31.Go down the pathway to your left again and connect the rope to the anchor.
32.Click to mountain. Use the “Grapling Hook” on the mountain.
33. Go to the Ski Village! Go into the Ski Lodge and go into the fishing area then to the pizza parlor and ask the guy working there for a vegetarian pizza! Take the pizza and go back to the fishing area.
34.Click the polar bear with the pizza!
35.Click the lever on the funny machine! Click the polar bear over and over!
36.Give G the plans you found!
END:Get your medal and gift!


Me at Swim Lessons November 17, 2007

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My Niece Alexis Kallie’s Tummy Time

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Spaghetti Town!

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Yuppity Duppity all paper and cardboard


Hidden Candelabra

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New Furniture Catalog